Clay Tiles

Clay tile is often chosen for the ability to provide homes with a southwestern, Italian or Spanish Mission facade. Clay is very common in the southwestern states such as California. Clay, like slate, comes in a variety of colours, types and styles. This allows for the roof to be customized to the style of the home. Their aesthetical appeal is never lost due to their resistance to fade because of the sun’s UV rays.

Clay tile is not only a beautiful option for your home it is also very durable. A clay tile roof can last for over 100 years. In some cases, tile roofs have lasted longer than the decking upon which they were built. Clay is resistant to insects, mold and rot. It is also a fire resistant material that will not burn. In a colder climate, such as Ontario, these tiles can withstand freezing and thawing which is a major stress on most roofing materials.

Although clay tile is a more expensive material for your roof, it is very low maintenance that as a result incurs the homeowner with fewer costs in the long run. This roofing material also works as an excellent insulator by keeping the inside home warm in the winter and cool in the summer consequentially lowering heating and cooling costs for the property holder.


  • long lifespan (+100 years)
  • durable
  • low maintenance
  • resistant to insects, mold and rot
  • fireproof
  • winter compatible
  • great insulator
  • customizable: various colours, types and styles
  • beautiful look